A Tandem skydive is the easiest and most popular of all skydives. It requires only 30 minutes of training before you then jump strapped to your instructor! The BPA (British Parachute Association) qualified tandem instructor does all of the hard work for you, allowing you to enjoy the exhilarating feeling of flying through the clouds from over 10,000 feet at up to 120 mph! It is a truly unforgettable experience.

Many people who make a parachute jump do so whilst raising funds for a worthwhile cause. Skyline are the largest organisers of sponsored charity jumps in the UK working with well over 3,000 charities who will all pay for your charity skydive in return for you raising a minimum amount of funds for them. By doing this you get your jump for FREE!


Multiple locations across the UK


What type of jump would you recommend?

Our airfields offer two different jump types: *Tandem *Accelerated freefall Our most popular skydive is a tandem jump. This is the perfect experience for your first time jump as you are attached to an instructor who does the majority of the work for you. This leaves you free to enjoy the view! Our accelerated freefall jumps require a full day of training which you must pass before being able to complete these jumps.

How can I book as a group?

You can book on as normal by clicking the Book Now button in the top right hand corner. Once you have entered your details on the first page there will be an option to tick a box and add group members. Enter the names and email addresses of everyone you would like to book in there. If the person you would like to jump with has already booked in there is a Group Member Info box on the second page of the online booking form – just quote the name of that person in that box and we will group you in together!

How do I book group members for different charities?

You would need to make separate bookings if you are looking to jump for different charities – but that’s not a problem – you can still jump together! Just fill in your other group members’ names in the Group Member Info box on the second page of the booking form. After that we can group you in together when the bookings come into our system and then you can all jump together.

Where can I jump?

There are 20 airfields across the UK, simply scroll down the list on the 'Book Now' button to find your nearest one.

What date can I book for?

The majority of airfields operate on weekend but there are some that open on weekdays too. We usually recommend you book a couple of months in advance to ensure you get the date you want (especially in the warmer months).

What time of the year can I book for?

Our airfields are open all year round.

How do I book a date?

When you make a booking with us we need to check with the airfield to see if they have space before we can confirm the date. It’s best if you provide 2 dates that you are available just in case your first preference is fully booked.

My charity has mentioned a special booking day they have planned. How do I book that?

Check your charity's website - they should have a link. If they don’t it’s best to just book through our website and select your preferred charity

What if I have a disability – can I still jump?

Our airfields will look at each case individually so please email us at info@skylineevents.co.uk and we can check for you. With any medical condition- you will also need to have the medical form signed by a doctor.

What if my doctor tells me I cannot jump for medical reasons?

If your doctor refuses to sign your medical form or advises you not to jump you need to send us over a note from your doctor informing us of this. If the doctor says you can’t do the jump unfortunately you will need to take their medical advice.

What are the age restrictions?

For the tandem skydives the minimum age is 16 – however anyone aged 16 or 17 would need to have a parental consent form on the day of their jump. We send this out once you are booked on. A few of our airfields have an upper age limit for tandem jumps: Cornwall has an upper age limit of 65, Lancaster and Whitchurch have a limit of 70 and Perthshire has a limit of 49. For the AFF jump most airfields have a limit of 55 years of age but some may be lower so please do check with us by emailing info@skylineevents.co.uk if you are unsure.

Is personal insurance compulsory?

Personal insurance is not compulsory and it’s up to the individual if they would like to purchase it. Jumping at any one of our airfields means you will be automatically covered for the British Parachuting Association’s third party insurance which will cover you for any accidental harm you may cause to others by your skydiving (an example would be damaging someone’s property through an off-landing).

How do I purchase personal insurance?

The option is on the booking link when you book your skydive.