Sitting on an over-crowded train, experiencing transport delays and forking out for expensive fares – does this sound like your current commute?! It doesn’t have to be! Why not jump on a bike and cycle to work and avoid all of this to ensure you get your day off to a great start. There is no better feeling than cruising at your own pace. Check out our top 5 reasons why you should cycle to work...

1. It’s FREE

The best things in life are FREE! Cycling to and from work you avoid any kind of transport fare whether it be trains or congestion charges. Also if you are cycling everyday you are minimizing your costs for gym memberships, classes etc as you are getting your daily workout. Along with these perks you can easily swerve traffic jams and trying to find parking spaces.

2. Health Benefits

Not only are you getting from A to B, you are also keeping fit by exercising. Both mentally and physically, cycling has shown massive health benefits as you build your fitness up while at the same time being a massive stress buster. If you ever feel that you need to just escape the world, hopping on your bike and going for a ride to clear your head is such a simple but powerful method.

When you cycle to work you are becoming fitter without even trying very hard as you are incorporating it into your lifestyle – which is a key factor. If it becomes part of your routine it is easier to maintain!

3. Sleep Better 

Exercise has been known to curb anxiety which is massively linked to insomnia. By simply cycling to and from work you are setting yourself up for a good night’s sleep as exercise can keep your mind at ease. If you have a better night’s sleep, the chances are the next day you are going to wake up feeling re-energised and ready to take on the day. Cycle your worries away and maximise the quality of your shut eye and you will soon begin to feel well rested and happier.


4. Go Greener

As previously mentioned, by not driving and cycling to work you are avoiding so much traffic but you are also helping the environment too. With nearly a quarter of the UK’s CO2 emissions coming from road transport, ditching your car and jumping on a bike has never been so appealing as a way to cut down on pollution. It is basically a win win when it comes to the environment and cycling; cycling uses no fuel, bikes take a lot less energy to make than a car and they do not require toxic batteries or motor oil.

5. Buddy Up 

Cycling is a very sociable sport! There are plenty of local cycling groups you can join that suits all types of abilities. Whether you are looking to plan a casual cycle ride on a weekend or join a multi-day cycling challenge such as London to Paris, there are always like-minded people to meet and get to know. Whenever you add the social aspect to a sport, it immediately becomes less like a chore!!

If you are in need of an incentive to get yourself out there and cycling to work, why not set yourself a challenge and join us on one of our cycles. Our participant favourites are London to Brighton, London to Paris and London to Amsterdam, or if you are feeling like an epic ride – how about cycling to Angkor Wat! Have a look for yourself and find your dream cycle on our website.

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