We all know how easy it is to ditch walking to work and jumping on the bus, or blaming the cold weather for not getting out for an evening stroll and thinking, ‘how much good can a 20-minute walk really do?!’ But believe us…don’t ever underestimate the power of walking! Take a read of our listed benefits below and we bet you’ll be out for a walk in no time.

1. Reduces stress levels

Sometimes you just need a bit of ‘you’ time. Day to day life stresses can build up if you don’t acknowledge and tackle them head-on. Realising that having 15 or so minutes out could be the key to unlocking a happier you as you begin to free yourself of stressful thoughts and feelings is an important step. Next time you get home from work and feel like you can’t switch off, instead of slumping down on the sofa and replaying stressful scenarios over and over, head out for a brisk stroll and literally walk your worries away. Removing yourself from the environments where you may sit and fret about your worries, and taking a step back to regroup your thoughts, could be incredibly beneficial for keeping stress at bay. You will then re-enter that space in a happier state of mind which will slowly shift your association with that space to a more positive one.

2. Make it fun 

When you think of going for a walk you may feel uninspired but it doesn’t have to be like that. Why not get a group of friends or family together and plan a trip to a picturesque setting like The Lake District or The Highlands. Having these mountainous views as your backdrop will make your walk anything but boring!!

3. Keeps your energy and focus high

If concentrating at work has been a struggle recently or if you are lacking energy levels and constantly feel tired, start making time for a walk. According to a 2014 study in the Journal of the Experimental Psychology, Learning, Memory, and Cognition, going for a walk can help with that creative block. Take this month and trial going for regular walks and see if you notice any improvements. The mind is a powerful tool and keeping it healthy is just as important as your physical health – they go hand in hand!

4. It’s a FREE mode of transport

If you have the option to walk somewhere instead of getting the tube or driving – do it!! You don’t realise how lucky you are to have the option. If you begin to incorporate this way of thinking into your day to day living, it will soon become a lifestyle change rather than a faze as it shifts your way of thinking. Saving on that petrol money or bus fare is a no-brainer!!

5. Aids weight loss

Have a think of all those times you could have walked instead of catching a lift or those summer evenings where the thought of going for a walk entered your mind, but you didn’t act on. Start making decisions now to be more active more regularly and this could lead to weight loss when carried out with a balanced diet. Another great advantage of this exercise is that it is low impact, so whether you are currently recovering from an injury or building your exercise regime up, you can still keep fit and healthy by making time for a walk.

Start celebrating National Walking Month TODAY and reap the amazing benefits while doing so. Now the weather is finally starting to pick up, there has never been a better time! What’s your excuse?!

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