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Royal London Society for the Blind (RLSB)

Registered charity number 307892

The RLSB provides blind and partially sighted people living in London and the South East with innovative education, training and employment opportunities. Our vision is a society where visual impairment is not a barrier to personal fulfillment or social inclusion: it's certainly a challenge, but then you're up for a challenge, aren't you, that's why you're reading this, isn't it?

Royal London Society for the Blind (RLSB) offers a variety of events to participate in and raise valuable donations to support the charity. Check out the events below for more information.


London to Amsterdam Open June 2019
Cycle from the heart of the UK to Amsterdam via the beautiful city of Bruges on this amazing charity bike ride challenge of a lifetime. The London to Amsterdam bike ride takes cyclists through beautiful English villages and on into Europe, passing through historic Bruges and Breda before finishing in any cyclists dream city – Amsterdam.

Uk Events

Tandem Skydive
Take on the exhilarating challenge of soaring from 10,000 ft on a Tandem Skydive freefalling at 120mph! Raised the minimum sponsorship? You’ll get to jump for FREE!

Accelerated Freefall Solo Skydive
Take the first part of a professional skydivers course and skydive solo from 10,000 feet – and if you raise the minimum sponsorship money you get to skydive for FREE!

Static Line Square Parachute Jump
Your first step to becoming a certified skydiver! Learn how to make a 3,000ft solo parachute jump… In just one days training! Raised the minimum sponsorship? You’ll get to jump for FREE!

Royal London Society for the Blind - Bungee Jumping
Feel the incomparable and ultimate thrill of bungee jumping while supporting blind children and their families! Your heart will race as you fall towards the surface below only to experience the excitement of being pulled back towards the sky!

Accelerated Freefall
Take the first step to your professional skydiver’s course and jump solo from 10,000 ft! Raised the minimum sponsorship? You’ll get to jump for FREE!

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