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Making an online donation is simple and secure through DoItForCharity.Com!

If you are looking to donate to a relative's, friend's or colleague's personal fundraising page then all you need are your home address and card details to hand.

We accept all major credit and debits cards including Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and Solo. Unfortunately we do not accept American Express or Diners Club at this time.

To find a fundraisers page simply click below and enter their name in to our easy search facility or if you know the page already type their unique weblink into your browser – click here to search for friends or relatives.

If you would like a fundraising page of your own then registering could not be easier, after creating your page you will be able to accept online donations from all of your friends and family and customise your page to let everyone know how you are getting on – click here to create your own page.

When donating online you will be asked about including gift aid into your donation. Gift Aid offers charities the chance to claim back tax paid on donations from UK tax payers. But there are some rules so click below to find out if you can add Gift Aid to your personal donation – click here to learn about Gift Aid.


Here to help!

Below are some frequently asked questions and helpful tips on using our fundraising pages. We've tried to cover as many topics as possible but if you're completely stuck simply call us on 020 7424 5533...


How do I login?

Logging in is easy. Simply go to the giving home page and enter your username (the email address you registered with) and password (remembering this is case sensitive) and click login.

If you ticked the auto-login function the site will remember who you are so simply click 'My Account' in the top right hand side of the screen.

I logged in once but now I cannot login again?

First check that you are using the correct user name (this is your email address) and password. Your password is case sensitive so ensure caps lock is not on.

If you have done this it could be that you ticked the auto-login function. This sets a friendly cookie on your computer so the site remembers who you are. If this is the case near the top right hand of the screen will be a link to your account.

I want to amend my page?

To amend the details on your page, firstly login in to the site by going to the giving home page.

Once logged in you can see the fundraising page you created on the welcome screen. Simply click 'Edit'.

Remember to preview your changes and save them, this is a two step process. Unsaved changes will be lost.

I want to amend the amount of money I have raised offline:

To amend the amount of money you have raised offline on your page you will need to login to your account.

Once this is done click 'Edit' on the page you wish to change. Enter the new amount of money raised offline and click 'Preview changes' then 'Save changes'. Remember to always save your changes, this is a two step process and any unsaved changes will be lost.

I cannot see the changes I made?

When making changes to your page always remember to preview your changes and then save them. This is a two step process. If you close the preview screen without saving your changes will be lost!

How do I add group members to my page?

To set up a group page you first need to create a normal page for yourself which you will then change into your group page. One thing to think about at this stage is the URL, you may want it to represent your group, something like perhaps.

After the page has been created, go in to edit it and there will be an option to add group members. You need to seperate your group member's names with a single comma and as you add members, their names will appear under the pages title.

I cannot find a fundraising page?

Whether you are searching for your own page or a friends' you can use the 'Find a Friend' page at any time. Simply search by name (either first name or surname or both) and the results should list the page you are looking for.

Alternatively navigate to the page directly by entering the url directly into your browser. Urls look like this

If you still cannot find the page you are looking for please call 020 7424 5533.

Is this site safe?

Yes! We use 128 bit encryption for all of our donation processing so you are 100% secure at all times.

I've made a mistake and donated the wrong amount:

Donations are non-refundable so please be careful when donating. Should you have any queries please contact us on 020 7424 5533.

How much of a donation does the charity receive:

Online donations made to charities are a very effective way of donating to support your friends and family or a cause close to your heart. charges a 5% transaction fee on just your donation ( the amount you donate online excluding any Gift Aid). Our processing bank Barclays applies a 1.78% fee for credit cards and 22p for debit cards and our payment service provider SECpay charges 20p per transaction regardless of what type of card is used. 

Your donation is paid into a totally separate holding account and is sent to your chosen charity at the end of every week automatically. This helps to reduce the administration for charities and the costs involved in processing manual donations by cheque for example. separates the donation from any possible Gift Aid as this must be claimed at a later date and goes directly to the charity with no fee attached.

A breakdown of our fees are clearly shown below:

Credit Card Debit Card
Donation £10 £10
Transaction fee 5% £0.50 £0.50
Credit Card fee
@ 1.78% for Visa
@ 1.78% for MasterCard
£0.17 -
Debit card fee:
22p for Switch/Maestro/Solo
22p for Visa Delta/Visa Electron
- £0.22
3rd party card processing fee @ 20p £0.20 £0.20
Total cost to charity £0.87 £0.92
Gift Aid Tax Reclaim £2.50 £2.50
Net donation £11.63 £11.58

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