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Fundraising Schedule

In addition to knowing how much you have to raise you will also need to find out when you need to raise it by. Some charity events allow you to send the whole amount AFTER the event. Others will ask for most of the money before the event (typically around 8 weeks) with just a small amount being sent in around one month after the event

It's vital that you adhere to the fundraising schedule - charities don't have the time or resources to chase slow-payers!

Once again help and advice is at hand. Our fundraising advice pages advise you to start early and to set interim targets. If you need to raise £2,000 in a year then set goals of £1,000 by 4 months, £1,500 by 6 months and the whole amount £2,000 by 8 months. If you fall behind you will still have 4 months spare to catch up!!

And if you ARE falling behind make sure you call your charity for help and advice - their experienced fundraising staff will have helped lots of event participants like you before so give them a call so you can make the most of their experience!

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