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Cransley Hospice

Registered charity number 1052867

Cransley Hospice is a purpose-built 9 bed unit and provides an ideal environment to care for it's patients. The Northamptonshire Teaching Primary Care Trust aims to raise £500,000 per year to sustain the quality of care. The Hospice is a base for the local Macmillan Nurses who work with local G.Ps, district and Marie Curie nurses. The Hospice team provide a comprehensive service for those with an illness where cure may no longer be an option, be they in the Hospice, local hospitals or at home.

Cransley Hospice offers a variety of events to participate in and raise valuable donations to support the charity. Check out the events below for more information.


Kilimanjaro Trek October 2017
Located on the North Eastern tip of Tanzania, Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the world's highest peaks… and a truly amazing spectacle!

Uk Events

Tandem Skydive
Take on the exhilarating challenge of soaring from 10,000 ft on a Tandem Skydive freefalling at 120mph! Raised the minimum sponsorship? You’ll get to jump for FREE!

Accelerated Freefall Solo Skydive
Take the first part of a professional skydivers course and skydive solo from 10,000 feet – and if you raise the minimum sponsorship money you get to skydive for FREE!

Static Line Square Parachute Jump
Your first step to becoming a certified skydiver! Learn how to make a 3,000ft solo parachute jump… In just one days training! Raised the minimum sponsorship? You’ll get to jump for FREE!

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